Still working our way through the revisions. Revision ‘C’ of the controller pcb came on Monday. So, two days ago parts were soldered and it wouldn’t work. :-(

Then yesterday, after a small correction, for the first time EVERYTHING WORKED. A good day. :-)

7 months so far.

Had some problems with the case too which means I can’t brush and clear coat it. So this one will be white which was on the list anyway.

Pcb tests and cnc case

Programmer design:
Programmer Design

And after 7 months, stuff starts to make sense. Current test ‘board:
Test Board

2nd CNC case:
2nd CNC Case

Switch pcbs

Switch pcbs came today:

Switch pcb rev. A

Got our first controller board pcbs today:

First controller board pcb

Back at Work

We’re back working on it – with a team – since late March / early April.

Miniguru Progress at Deskthority
Updates to the original mod thread at Geekhack

About Kickstarter

From time to time I receive emails that suggest that I should kickstarter this project. This won’t work because Kickstarter will only allow US-based projects:

Also, money is not the problem yet, it’s still time.

2012: Year of Hope

An unavoidable personal project during the first half of 2011 left no time for this project. Since then it’s been difficult to put the kit back on track. With another job coming up there’s no way I can make it this year. I changed the header date to 2012. :-(

Also, I had to switch off commenting because of spam. Editing the template code didn’t help, the spammers apparently use bugs in the core to enter their comments. If you have questions please use the contact form or – better – post in the Miniguru thread on Geekhack.

2011: Year of Hope

Mass production has been canceled but there should be a mini series or a kit somewhen in 2011:

Click here for the Miniguru thread on, starting on page 45

Also, got this today:

Thanks for the many, many comments on my last post, I wouldn’t have thought about another try without those.

Miniguru Canceled

Production of the Miniguru has been canceled. :-(

I don’t want to list the specific reasons here, let’s just say that mainly we lost faith in being able to sell the initial production run.

Thanks to all who sent messages of support and my apologies to those how have been waiting for this keyboard.

Welcome to the Miniguru Preview Site

The Miniguru was started as a mod over at the forums. It got some momentum there and this preview site is where we are now. One of the reasons for the preview site is to see if this momentum will hold with a broader audience.

The configurator on the preview site also introduces the concept of distributed on-demand assembly for keyboards. Something that could be done with PowerPoint but, well, that would be no fun!

As there are many unknown factors yet, the launch date at the top of the site is a rough estimate. It’s probably a bit on the optimistic side too.

Good luck on finding that ultimate color combination. ;-)