2011: Year of Hope

Mass production has been canceled but there should be a mini series or a kit somewhen in 2011:

Click here for the Miniguru thread on, starting on page 45

Also, got this today:

Thanks for the many, many comments on my last post, I wouldn’t have thought about another try without those.


  • Webwit

    You got a piece of wood? ;)

  • Victor


    (I still vote for mass production, though!)

  • Croo

    I was looking for a nice fancy geek keyboard like HHKB Pro and found this site just after the post that announced the closing. I didn’t write a comment back then… I see now that it was a mistake. Allow me to correct it :

    I’m happy that there is a chance to get a keyboard like this and I’m really looking forward to try one. Go on, do it :)

  • Blarrrrgh

    Is there a mailing list? I don’t want to miss out on the order!

  • tony

    great news ;)

  • Alex

    This is awesome news.

    @Blarrrrgh – If you use RSS you can subscribe to this blog at

  • zppln

    Thank God I didn’t pull the trigger on a Filco board. Will buy one of these as soon as it’s made available!

  • Tiago do Vale

    yeeaahhhhhhh how, were and when can I get mine?? :)

  • M Simm

    THANK YOU!!! I was so excited about this keyboard and then so disappointed when it was canceled. Please get this to production and it will be huge!

  • Frank

    I’m definitely getting one. Some kind of mailing list would be fine. Maybe try to crowd fund it via or a similar plattform.

  • Trin_CZ

    I’m currently using HHKB Pro2, but I’d definitely buy this one. Regardless being it a DIY kit. I’m willing to invest/buy it long before release – approximately the price of a HHKB Pro2.

  • Jeff

    I’ve been looking for home row cursor navagation solutions for years. I hate moving my hand to the arrow keys and mouse. This is the best solution I’ve seen. I hope it reaches some level of production. Any chance the layers could be activated by a footswitch?

  • Marco

    I really hope to put my hands on this keyboard one day.

  • Thion

    A Kit would be cool.
    If you dont have faith in the selling part, maybe you could do a Poll or a Preorder… would that help?

  • thecrowkeeper

    hey. i’m sorry, my english is very bad, so reading all 52 pages at forum you linked, is very difficult for me. Could you pleasee post short information about ways of preordeing keybord on this site? i’m ready to pay even before keyboard is redy

    P.S. If your keyboard once would be ready for mass production, i could help you to distribute your product in Russia.

  • br0cc0li

    When I heard that the miniguru got canceled, I decided to buy a DAS because it was the only mechanical keyboard I could buy in Switzerland.

    But now I’m probably gonna buy a this one because the idea of leaving my hands always on the home row is too tempting to just ignore it. ;)

    I’ve just got one question: Will the miniguru have a Meta-/Windows-key?

  • Adrian Wang

    Please make this everyone will buy..

  • Elios

    While I’m happy this project isn’t quite dead yet, have you put some consideration into doing a Kickstarter for the MiniGuru? There were multiple people who suggested it in the cancellation post.

    Here’s one successful project that I participated in and I have the final product to prove that the model works!

  • Alex

    The problem with doing a Kickstarter is that currently your project has to be based in the USA. They plan to expand and allow international projects but they haven’t yet.

  • mrsone

    This is promising news. I hope you mass produce eventually as the kit may not work for everyone. I may still give this a try, but I am now looking at the KBC Poker as a mini layout keyboard, which is a shame because this looks like it is made much better.

  • Psydotek

    A little late here but this is great news (compared to the previous news anyways). I’ll be waiting to purchase one for sure.

  • sin

    I will buy one. Love the design.

  • Don Q

    Look around. Try to find a comparable keyboard. When one does become available, they sell-out before I can get one.

    My ancient ‘perfect’ keyboard recently got mud poured through it in an industrial re-roofing fiasco. Since then I’ve been looking desperately for a keyboard with:

    1) The ctrl key where god intended it to be (or at least remappable)
    2) Other keys (esc, backspace… in reasonable locations or remappable)
    3) Full stroke keys (my laptop is a necessary evil)
    4) Mechanical (cherry) switches, quiet, but open to various key-force possibilities (brown/black/red)

    Whenever a run of keyboards that meet these requirements becomes available, it is sold-out before I can get one. I can’t front an unknown amount of cash for an on-again/off-again project, but if this keyboard was available *now*, I would get one in a heartbeat!

    You really couldn’t wish for a better market, but you have to have *something* actually available.

  • João Rossa

    Hi! im interested in this keyboard, any news regarding possible order?

  • BigBrother

    XT layout! i demand this.

  • Ayen

    I’m a touch typisg and I’ve always suspected that there were too many keys on the keyboard that one normally doesn’t use – or that some could be access by some sort of function key, thereby reducing the key count. I also have always hated that excess number pad. And taking my fingers off the homerowl then I found your project.

    Please do not abandon your project. I’d love to see this push through. Please keep working on it.

  • bigpook

    Just checking in. Hoping to see something in a kit form before too long : )

  • Adam

    Is there any updates? I’m still hoping that it gets released this year. :D

  • Alexey Popov

    Regarding Kickstarter: if you can’t use Kickstarter, you can use instead, which accepts international users.

  • Chrono Frost

    I wanna buy.
    So I will recommend this Keyboard for some Japanese gamer.
    They are care to a review.

  • Robert

    If this project ever comes around, please consider a configurable split spacebar (like one half shift, one half space).

    With that and the hard-wired layout I wouldn’t have anything to complain about in a keyboard anymore and would put down serious amounts of money for this.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very interested anyhow, but with a split spacebar it would be a no-brainer, even if it was as expensive as a hhkb pro.

  • Rangeo

    Is there any update?? Is that able to ship to U.S.?? I cannot wait for own this keyboard..


    You can still order and configure this keyboard? I live in Switzerland and would be very interested in such a Keyboard

  • Inverted

    Hope this gains steam ^_^

  • Daeve

    Is this project still live? I’m really interested, quite like the idea of a kit as well.

  • Ekaros

    Sad for this to end, there isn’t any sub-tenkeyless boards with proper layout(ISO)… Hope something springs from this…